Dead Snow

Directed by Tommy Wirkola

I’m visiting friends this evening and we decided to try to go with something fun instead of our planned film The Big Red One, which seemed like a great way to turn a fun Saturday night into a rather dour affair. Instead, we went with Dead Snow, which seemed like a good time.


Dead Snow is an example of complete filmmaking incompetence. It shifts haphazardly in tone, alternating between a horror film that takes itself far too seriously and a campy gore-fest that doesn’t have a single original idea. However, the most irritating part of the movie was the terrible plotting. When you are trying to rip off Evil Dead and strand a group of young city folk in a cabin in zombie country, at least let me maintain the illusion that they are trapped. WHEN YOU LET ONE OF THEM CALL FROM A CELL PHONE (WHICH HE HAD THE WHOLE TIME!!) AND GET THROUGH TO 911 AFTER A NIGHT OF PERIL YOU ARE AN IDIOT! I could go on, but a movie this stupid isn’t really worth getting worked up about.

I’m just so tired of this recent bumper crop of movies that are intentionally aiming for a cult audience. The only truly satisfying cult films are the ones that are actually trying to be good. I suppose one could argue that Edgar Wright has gone this route twice with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz , but both work because feature a contagious love for the films they are referencing and actually add some genuine humor and humanity to their characters. Conversely, movies like Dead Snow are just so cynical. They simply take an over-the-top idea (Nazi zombies!!) and coast on it for 90 minutes knowing that there’s a large audience who will watch simply based on its concept. They sure got me…