The Running Man

Directed by Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky! I can’t believe we forgot to discuss that.)

You came. You voted. We ignored you.

Instead, Matt Meeks and I went with one of our all-time favorite action movies: The Running Man. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jim Brown. Jesse Ventura. Richard Dawson! And . . . Mick Fleetwood? Pop in the DVD and enjoy the spectacle along with us. It starts as soon as that Paramount horse enters the screen.

Worst Villain Ever

We had 20 downloads of the Rocky commentary, which was 20 more than we expected. I would say that this commentary is much better and is probably more entertaining if you’re (really) bored at work and listening on headphones. The highlight for people with short attention spans begins at the 1:29:30 mark where he Meeks and I debate who could defeat Arnold in 1980s action movie mode. We also give some great advice on how to seduce women. Enjoy.